Duplicate Dentures

Duplicate Dentures

Duplicate dentures are made for emergency backup uses. They are made for temporary uses and should not be used as a replacement denture.

Duplicate Dentures
Duplicate Dentures are Temporary Dentures


Emergency Backup Dentures

Folks must understand duplicate dentures are made for temporary uses because the materials they are made from are not equivalent to dentures that are used on a daily basis. Duplicate dentures are used for cosmetic and emergency backup reasons, and are good to have just in case a denture breaks where something can be used temporarily until the denture can be fixed.

These dentures are made by copying the same structure of a wearable denture, and cannot be made from a broken denture. If a denture is broken, missing a tooth, the denture first needs to be fixed and only then can copying the denture make duplicate dentures.

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Duplicate Dentures may be stronger

Sometimes duplicate dentures may be stronger than older dentures because the in older dentures, the materials have aged and are much weaker than the new materials in a duplicate denture. Usually most duplicate dentures are made from the same materials that dentures are repaired from, this includes the denture teeth. The material is strong, however will wear down quickly if used in teeth where the denture is worn on a daily basis.

Duplicate Dentures

By any means, if a new denture is needed, please consult with your local dentist about new dentures rather than getting duplicate dentures for your denture needs.

Duplicate Denture Teeth

Duplicate dentures teeth are usually made from the same Dental Repair material the pink area of the duplicate denture, the teeth can wear down quickly because they are not the teeth that are made by a denture tooth business. Instead, the duplicate denture teeth and pink gums are made from the same materials where a copy of the same denture can be made. Copying a denture without adding separate denture teeth is a dramatic savings for those who get duplicate dentures because the place that offers duplicate dentures made this way does not have to have extra hired help to add denture teeth one-by-one into a denture.

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Duplicate Denture
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